Our customers experience

On the Money - Omaha, NE

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the service you have provided me for my company. I couldn't be happier. The transition was better than I could've ever expected. I have looked for years to find someone like you and I am so lucky to have found you. You're the best."

Doyle Zimmerman, President

Hein Auto Body - Columbus, NE

I wasn’t sure anyone understood how scary and stressful starting your own business was. Bell Solutions understood!  Bell Solutions understood! They understood more than I did. Echo Bell made me believe it was possible to become a successful entrepreneur. ​​Bell Solutions recognized the need to explain everything to me in detail and most importantly with respect. 

Echo set up all my QuickBooks for me, detailed to what I needed. I didn’t realize how much QuickBooks was capable of doing and was a little overwhelmed at the prospect of learning this new and amazing software.  Bell Solutions made it so I was able to learn what I needed at the time that I needed it. Echo even sent me some webinars to review and detailed written instructions for me to refer to in the future.

Bell Solutions has been there for me from the beginning and will be a strategic partner in the future.  Nobody should tackle the enormity of starting a business without the assistance of Bell Solutions. They understand what it is like to be the little guy, and will support you the entire way.  I would and will refer any person I know considering starting their own business to Bell Solutions. 

Thank you Echo and Bell Solutions!!! Five Stars!!!!!

Sincerely, Allen and Kathleen Hein