Small businesses start with a passion and entrepreneur who takes their solution to market. As businesses are born and grow, 

they experience many challenges that often take them away from that passion...and this is where people call us.

Since 2008, Bell Solutions has been partnering with local business owners and entrepreneur to help them get back to doing 

what they love. Which is why the number one thing that we hear from our customers is; 

"We've never met anyone like you."

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Bell Solutions

...The CFO role has rapidly evolved in the past decade, and by understanding this evolution you can quickly see the value it brings to an organization....and why your business can’t afford not to have a 

CFO on the Go

Contemporary CFO

A hybrid professional that possess a deep understanding of business and accounting. Serving as a strategic partner to the CEO in all areas of business, this individual must understand numbers, process, market opportunity, technology, business models, and the value of good leadership. Able to compile and deliver complex messages both inside and outside of the organization, the contemporary CFO must be confident and have established integrity and ethical standards.

CFO on the Go

As defined above, Bell Solutions represents today's contemporary CFO, with one exception. 

Instead of growing the corporate world, we are passionate about, and dedicated to the success of small business, entrepreneurship and start-ups.

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) role is a difficult one to fill for mid to large businesses because it has become so complex. But for small businesses and start ups - it is simply too expensive. 

Besides the cost and experience needed; bringing an employee into your intimate business matters can be extremely difficult for a small business owner. 

But what if there was another option?

Why pay high hourly rates for a CPA or skim the surface with a bookkeeper when you can partner with knowledgeable and connected professionals dedicated to helping you succeed. 

With Bell Solutions, small businesses can gain the benefits of a contemporary 

Chief Financial Officer, without the price.

Bell Solutions+ QuickBooks

The CFO on the Go Difference


We are trained accountants. 

Bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, taxes, and QuickBooks are the backbone of what we do, but we are fluent in the language of business and understand that the key drivers of business are often significantly more than what shows up on the balance sheet. 

Business Strategy

We love business.

Well versed in accounting, process optimization, business systems & analysis, market development, contract management, human resources and compliance; with strong leadership experience across a range of industries - this team excels as a strategic partner.


As a Certified QuickBooks Proadvisor & Intuit Partner, Bell Solutions provides the most up-to-date solutions related to the #1 small business accounting software program available. Our customers always receive QuickBooks discounts and our solutions work seamlessly with today's innovative online financial management tools. 


Passion is the bases for nearly everything we do. 

After a decade of empowering small business, passion has led us to right here. Excited about business, we love helping small business owners get back to doing what they love. 

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