Accounting & strategy solutions for today's small business

Small businesses start with a passion and an entrepreneur who takes their solution to market. As businesses are born and grow, 

they experience many challenges that often take them away from that passion...and this is when people call us.


Bell Solutions represents today's Contemporary CFO, with one exception.  

Instead of growing the corporate world, we are passionate about, and dedicated to, the success of small business, entrepreneurship, and start-ups.  

Often referred to as a Fractional CFO, we provide small businesses the benefits of a Chief Financial Officer, without the price.

You can hire a bookkeeper and get data entry, hire a CPA and get tax filings,  

or PARTNER with Lincoln's CFO on the Go, and get it all. 

Plus, you'll have a strategic partner dedicated to providing the tools and support needed to grow and understand your business.  

What is a CFO on the Go?

A part-time Chief Financial Officer for your small business or start-up.

(bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, strategy, QuickBooks)

Contemporary CFO

A hybrid professional that possess a deep understanding of business and accounting. Serving as a strategic partner to the CEO in all areas of business, this individual must understand numbers, process, market opportunity, technology, business models, and the value of good leadership. Able to compile and deliver complex messages both inside and outside of the organization, the contemporary CFO must be confident and have established integrity and ethical standards.

Fractional CFO

 A fractional CFO is a Chief Financial Officer who is contracted to provide financial leadership and oversight in a part-time capacity. The fractional CFO is also known as part-time CFO, outsourced CFO or virtual CFO 


Bell Solutions

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