Lincoln's CFO on the Go


We appreciate the uniqueness of every small business. The options below are a guide to our services and most popular packages, but everything we do is customized to you and your small business needs. 


Hire a bookkeeper and get data entry. Hire a CPA and get tax filings. Hire a CFO, and get both of those, plus a strategic partner dedicated to providing the tools and support needed to grow and understand your business.


With Bell Solutions you can gain the benefits of a Chief Financial Officer, without the price. Entrepreneurship is our passion and we understand the needs, and budget, of growing a business. 


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#1 Succeed with Strategy

 "If you don't know where you are going, any path will lead you there." Accounting and QuickBooks are the backbone of what we do, but as Lincoln's contemporary CFO service, we are fluent in the language of business and eager to empower new entrepreneurs.

New Business Set Up, Financial Launch, QuickBooks

#2 Cover your A$$ets

 The management of your data and financial records are the heartbeat of your business. Not only is it necessary for your taxes (and costly if done poorly) but it is crucial for business analysis and profitability during growth.  

Bookkeeping & Accounting, Payroll Processing, Sales Tax Processing

#3 Grow with Good Management

Now that you have the not-so-fun parts under control, take charge of your financial management. Our ongoing CFO on the Go services guarantee up-to-date reporting at your finger tips, regularly scheduled strategic reviews, and continued support as you grow your small business.

#4 Tame your Tax Season

Imagine a stress free tax season! No receipt hunting and calculating required. Because of our consistent process, everything needed for tax season is completed real time for our clients. Staying up to date with the latest compliance, we provide piece of mind combined with the efficiency of having everything done in one place.