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I have rarely found it suiting to call myself an accountant, even though accounting has always been at the core of my career. As my journey has progressed, I have come to understand the difference between being an accountant - and what it is we do at 

Bell Solutions. 

While 'doing my time' as an accountant, I was blessed with being thrown into challenging situations that forced me to explore business strategy and leadership first hand; and how it is related to the development, health, and improvement of business. 

Those experiences led to a fulfilling career serving as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Director of Operations for some very diverse organizations. Over the years, the unique business skills I was able to obtain organically grew into dozens of freelance jobs helping small business #makeithappen.

When deciding on, what would become my final project before the launch of CFO on the Go, I was approached by a company to, once again...make it happen. A CFO position that required strategy, leadership and innovation. It was at that time, during a meeting with a mentor, that I was introduced to the term 'contemporary CFO'. Also referred to as the modern CFO, I immediately identified with it's purpose - and found the voice I needed to turn my passion into a fullfilling business.

The CFO role has rapidly evolved in the past decade, and by understanding this evolution you can quickly see the value it brings to an organization....and why your business can’t afford not to have a CFO on the Go

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